6 month update

Today marks six months since I made my birthday list. And to be honest, I forgot about it. I remembered a few goals I had, but I had to reread the list. I realized I was pretty ambitious a couple months ago, but I still want to try accomplish as many of my goals as I can. After hitting this six month mark, I started to worry I won't complete it. I've got a lot to go, but I'm still excited about it!
Here is what I have completed:
2. I've made 1 cocktail. It was a Moscow Mule and I really liked this drink. Recipe will follow shortly. 20 more drinks to go. 
3. finished sewing 1 quilt. I have 6 more to sew.
4. read The Great Gatsby. I saw the movie after I read it. If you saw it, what did you think?
7. completed number 7. This post is proof!
10. I made crème brûlée for a recipe on the food network. It was really good. 
11. successfully completed this one! I have a health plant that I've already enjoyed. Okra is great in gumbo. 
15. completed this yesterday! I'll post pictures soon.
19. tried chai tea at 2 places. I have 19 more places to try.
21. and I've added one recipe to my recipe book. 29 to go. 
I still have a lot to go. (I'm still not sure about number 8.) But, I'm really excited about this new tradition. It is a great way to encourage myself to complete goals. It gives a definite deadline with enough time to complete them. Some are easy, while some are a little more difficult to complete. It will be good to set different goals to complete each year.

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