Happy New Year.

Wow. 2013 went by so fast. I've been so busy lately that it seemed like everything went by too quickly. But I am excited to start new in 2014. I'm going to make sure I slow down around holidays and birthday, so I can enjoy them even more. It's been too long since I posted. Thanksgiving was so nice, even though I had a cold. We had so many people over this year. It was great to spend time with so many people I care about. Christmas Eve and Christmas were very laid back this year, but I got to spend every minute with my wonderful boyfriend. For a Christmas gift, Grant got me my dream craft table from IKEA. It's beautiful and I can't wait to work on so many projects on it. I spent New Years Eve with Grant and his friends and Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix. It was such an amazing way to bring in the new year. I spent yesterday with Grant and the kids I baby sit. We watch our favorite shows, painted pottery, and went to dinner and a movie. It was a great start to 2014. I'm so thankful for such a wonderful holiday season. Each holiday from Halloween to New Years was so great. I'm looking forward to another year of great holidays, adventures, and reaching goals.

Happy New Year!

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