I have so many projects I have been working on and need to complete. I've been a bit busy with baby sitting this week and haven't gotten as much done as I would like to. But I'm trying to keep my work of the year, focus, in mind to keep me get everything done. Plans for today and the following week include:

-cleaning my room.
It is such a disaster that I've been avoiding it. I know I'll feel better when I have a clean space.

-work on sewing quilts.
I still need to complete the quilts I was planning for Christmas.

-start the new semester at school.
I have to get my books ordered and binder organized.

I'm out of clean clothes.

-project life.
I'm already getting behind on my project life binder for this year, so I need to print photos and work on scrapbooking.

Not all these activities are boring. I just need to make time and focus on getting some stuff done. Starting the new year has made me excited about starting new and stay organized. I'm hoping I can develop good organization habits this year that I will continue in the future. 

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