Beach Day!

We finally got to see the beach today! We left the house at 8:30 this morning to head to Las Cuevas, a beach on the north coast. There, we observed plants, animals, wave frequencies, and fishing. I had a lot of fun exploring the beach and taking photos of the area. One of the best parts about this beach was the dogs we saw running around. They were both puppies and so happy to run and play with us (we all wanted to keep them). The water was so clear (and they said this was their murky water). Another thing I loved about this beach trip was meeting a man named Peter. I missed the first part of the discussion, but he ended up climbing up a tree and cutting fresh coconut for us. It was just a cool thing to see. And it tasted amazing.

After we were done gathering observations on this beach, we drove to Maracas Bay. Here, we got to enjoy the beach like normal (still keeping in mind the observations). We started by having lunch at Richards Bake & Shark. Yes, shark. I tried some and it was really good. The bake was the fried bread and they put the fried shark inside, then we all went to the condiment bar and added the toppings we wanted. I really enjoyed it. The best way to describe it would be gamey fish. Its texture was similar to chicken, but it definitely had a fishy taste. As soon as we finished lunch, we all went down to the water to swim. The water was so clear with no seaweed. After floating in the waves for a bit, I headed back to the sand to relax and lime (hang out) with the other students. I  chatted with the girls, had a second coconut, and read my book. Too quickly, it was time to go and we headed home for dinner. I thought I managed okay, but when I got back to the house I looked noticeably sun burnt.

I was so glad to have to chance to experience the ocean. It was the first time I saw the beach on this trip. Since Trinidad is very Americanized, it helped make it feel like we were abroad. I had a great day getting to know the other students better and learning more about Trinidad.
today's menu
-watermelon, then toast and an omelet (served at the house)
-coconut right off the tree ($12TT)
-bake and shark ($30TT)
-coconut at the beach ($5TT)
-chicken and noodle dinner (served at the house)
For quick information on the beaches mentioned, check out this site.

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