boat day

Today was not my favorite. We all woke up pretty earlier to go out on a boat to collect wave data. I thought we were going out on a large boat, but it ended up being four smaller boats. The small boats made me so sea sick. Anyway, the point of going out on the boats was to deploy an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler- a device used to measure wave energy). Two divers went down and secured the ADCP to the bottom of the ocean. We will receive the data tomorrow to begin our analysis.

After, we went back to Richard's for more Bake and Shark. I really like the bake (which is the bread of the sandwich). It's similar to Indian fry bread that you can get at the fair. We came back to review the information and started planning our paper.
today's menu
-turkey sandwich and an apple (served at the house)
-bake and veggie ($20TT at Rickard's)
-chicken burgers (served at the house)

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