first day in Trinidad

Today, we officially started our program. We were going to start off by having an introduction to the oceanic environment, have lunch, and then begin the introduction to ocean waves. Unfortunately, our instructor had a death in the family and had to miss the being of the day. We stayed on the university campus and tried to stay cool (the air conditioning in all the rooms was broken). We all struggled with adjusting to the weather. After cooling off in a cafe, we had lunch. I shared the soya with another student, Sarah. It had a soy "meat", red beans, rice, and plantain (a relative of the banana which is eaten cooked). It was all very good. At 1, we began the wave introduction. The instructor made we really excited about our project, because she said what we are doing in ground breaking. It all seemed easier after she explained it. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a food stand and got doubles (a type of sandwich/taco that had chickpeas and chili) and fresh coconuts. It was so cool to watch the man slice open each coconut with his machete. The coconut water and jelly was so delicious.

Later, we all tried walking to the store and it started raining, which was surprising as they haven't had rain all year. After we all got back, we had dinner and then played card games the rest of the night. I'm with a really great group of students. The first part of the day was a little disappointing (since we spent almost four hours just waiting), but tasting more of the food and getting to know the other students made the day much better.

Besides adjusting to the weather, the thing I am finding to be most difficult is the money. $1 USD is about $6 TT. They use a $ to show the price, so seeing prices on billboard or menus is a little startling at first.

Tomorrow, we will be meeting with the local oil company, Petrotrin, and the Environmental Management Authority. It will be interesting learning from these two organizations.
today's menu
-papaya and watermelon, then ham and eggs with toast (served at the hotel)
-java chip chiller ($26TT)
-soya meal (my share was $11TT)
-coconut and double (food stand)
-beer with other girls ($30TT)
-chicken, rice, and lentil dinner (served at the hotel)

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