Fisheries Training and Steelpan Lab

Unfortunately, Trinidad is experiencing a drought, so there have been a couple fires burning around the island. 

A fire was near the Institute of Marine Affairs, so didn't get to go visit as planned. But, the Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute was still open, so we went talked to several departments. They told us about the different types of fishing methods (pots, bottom lines, nets) and how they all worked. Next, we moved to the engine training section where students learn how to use and repair engines for the boats. After, we learned about the processing training and watched them smoke some fish. Lastly, we learned about several different type of boats and ships. Following the discussion, we were taken to the pier and we got to see some of the ships in the ocean.
When we were all done at the CFTDI, we drove to the Fisheries Library and looked at some data they collected about the ocean. We are hoping to connect with the library more to get information to add to our papers.

To end the class day, we went back to the University of the West Indies to look at the steelpan lab. They are working on measuring how the steelpan works and developing an electronic version (think of a keyboard with additional sounds and tones). I didn't know much about the instrument, but it was much more complex than I had realized. I have a new appreciate for the instrument and the tuners. I hope we will see someone play the steelpan before we leave the islands.

I think we are all pretty excited for tomorrow. We will be observing waves by going to the beach. After we finish a little class work, we will get to hang out (or "lime" as the locals would say).

today's menu
-watermelon and pineapple, then toast with jam (served at the house)
-aloo pie, fish pie, and cupcake (served at CFTDI)
-curry channa and potato (my share was $17TT)
-fish with rice (served at the house)

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