laundry day

The point of studying wave energy on Trinidad is to collect data and write a paper of our findings. We spent a good part of the day on Wednesday working on our wave energy paper. After a few hours, a couple of us walked to go get lunch and came back to work on the paper more. At 3, a group of us went on quite an adventure to go to laundry.

The driver was crazy and there wasn't any laundry mats like we have at home. After an hour in a hot van, we finally found a small laundry mat. Three hours later, we all finally had clean laundry. We rushed back home to change and get ready to go out to dinner for Debbie's birthday. We went to an Indian place that was pretty good. After, we went to a bar to continue celebrating (who knew bars had delicious banana split milkshakes).

today's menu
-watermelon, then omelet and toast (served at the house)
-veggie pizza from Pizza Hut (my share was $30TT)
-hakka spring rolls and fried rice (my share was $25TT)
-banana split shake ($26TT)

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