lectures and ariapita ave.

We got back pretty late last night, so I didn't have time to write about what we did on Friday. We started the day with lectures. We were going to go to the university again, but on Monday their air conditioning was not on, so we held the lectures at our house. We discussed the wave energy capturing device we will be using on Monday and the history of Trinidad. In its past, Trinidad has been owned by the Spanish, French, and British. During those times, they had people brought over from other places around the world, like India, Africa, and China. All of those influences has created a very diversity culture. Evidence of this mixture can be seen in the people, the language, and the food.

After class, we ate dinner and got ready to go out for the night. They have a street called Ariapita Ave. that is lined with restaurants and bars. A bunch of us went down to hang out and see the night life in Trinidad. We found a great place with a dance floor and spent the night dancing. It was so great to get to know my classmates better. It was so much fun.

today's menu
-apple and banana, then saltfish buljol with bread
-chicken kabob with rice ($29TT)
-cou-cou and callaloo with fried fish and plantain
-red,blue, yellow drink ($40TT)

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