seeing more of Trinidad

Today was all about learning more on the local oil refinery. We first went to Petrotrin, the petroleum company of Trinidad and Tobago. They told us about the oceanic environment around Trinidad and the different types of platforms they have currently in the ocean. It was interesting to hear them promote oil as a stable option of energy (especially to a room full of sustainability students). But it is important to understand the current system before trying to make changes

After talking to the people at Petrotrin, we drove to EMA (Environmental Management Authority) to learn more about the policies involving oil drilling. On the drive over, we stopped at a look-out point to see the view of the city. Once we were at EMA, they told us about the policies they have put in place to protect the environment and how they are also trying to protect the marine life in the ocean near the oil refinery. It was interesting to hear about the obstacles they face while trying to protect the environment, including some I wouldn't have thought of, like social impacts in the community.
It was great to learn more about sustainability and see students getting involved by asking questions. That being said, it was still a long day. I'm still trying to get caught up on sleep and used to my new environment. I hope with extra rest tonight, I'll be ready to go tomorrow.
today's menu
-watermelon, then pancakes and bacon (served at the house)
-chicken, rice, and beans with veggies (served by Petrotrin)
– saltfish buljol with taro, green banana, sweet potato, plantain, and cassava dumpling (served at the house)
-coco-crisp candy bar ($4.99TT)

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