the land of the hummingbird

On Tuesday, we went to Yerettê, the Home of the Hummingbirds. I was surprised when I found out the hummingbird sanctuary really is a home. We started the visit by learning about the place and the hummingbirds. The man who lives there, Theo, is a photographer and liked to take pictures of the birds, especially hummingbirds. He noticed more birds were coming to the yard, because they were attracted by the feeders, so he put up more. After doing this for years, he has created a magical backyard where hundreds hummingbirds are constantly visiting the feeders and zooming through the garden. His family was nice enough to open their home to visitors, so others can learn about the birds and see them up close. Theo taught us a lot about the hummingbirds. He told us their diet consists of 90% sugar water and 10% tiny bugs. We also learned that their bright colors come from the refraction of light in tiny air bubbles in their feathers. All the hummingbirds were so incredible and unbelievable. I'm definitely putting up more hummingbird feeders at my house when I get back home.

I am now complete obsessed with hummingbirds. While we were there, they served us a very nice lunch and showed us a slide show of pictures Theo had taken in the yard. It was such a nice place it visit. If you ever go to Trinidad, I highly recommend you check it out.

After that, we came home and had dinner. Once we were finished eating, we went to a steel pan yard where a large group of steel pan performs practice. They let us try playing them and even showed us a couple notes. When we were done banging on the drums, they played a few schools. It was so fun to watch everyone dance to the music.

When we got back to the house, a few of us played sardines (the opposite of hide and seek) for a while. It was so fun much fun. I hadn't played games like that in years. It was a good day. The hummingbird sanctuary was definitely one of my favorite places that we have visited so far.
today's menu
-watermelon, then pancakes and bacon (served at the house)
-callaloo soup with salad and a roll (served at Yerettê)
-barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, beans, and plantain (served at the house)

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