zip lining and a cooler fete

All of us were pretty tired from dancing the previous night away, but we all woke up ready for more adventures. The first thing we did was kayaking in the ocean. It was so relaxing to float with my feet in the ocean. 

When we were tired of paddling, we left to go zip lining. I wasn't afraid until we got on the tallest platform. I was so nervous, but when the guide counted to three and said go, I jumped off the platform! It was so much fun. The views were so amazing, especially in the tree and of the ocean. We all had such an amazing time.
Earlier this week, we were invited to a cooler party (known here as a fete) by the people who own our house. To go you buy a ticket and bring a cooler of drinks, so you don't have to buy drinks at the party. We were one of the first ones there, but we all started dancing right away. And all night, we were the only ones really dancing. It was still so much fun. We even won as having the biggest group. It was great to see more nightlife here in Trinidad.
today's menu
– papaya and watermelon, then eggs, hash browns, and toast (served at the house)
-sweet and sour chicken with rice ($35TT at the mall)
-strawberry ice cream ($22TT at the mall)
-stewed turkey with beans, rice, and cassava (served at the house)

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