Idaho trip in photos

My boyfriend, Grant, and I went up to Idaho last week for a quiet vacation and a break from the Arizona heat. It was so nice and peaceful in northern Idaho. His family has a cabin in a small town, so we spent most of our time relaxing, out on the lake (he's great at wake boarding!), and walking around the town. We decided to take our dog, Astro, on this trip. He hated the drive, but loved running around in the tall grass.
It was so green and beautiful there. Plus, it was cold! There was still snow on the mountain. It was so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the weather. It was a little rainy while we were there, but I loved that too.
I'm not sure what was going on in this photo, but it cracks me up! His face is so goofy. 
 Astro loved this walk to the beach through the trees. We learned he also loves bubble gum ice cream.
In addition to a great vacation with campfires, hot springs, and that cute face, I got to cross a goal off my birthday list. Number 21 was to go on a road trip. Excited I completed the first goal off my list! And thankful for an amazing trip with my sweet boyfriend.  

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