Today, my blog hit 3002 all time views! I realized this isn't a big number in the blogger world, but it's a big deal to me. It's been fun to work on my blog, so it's neat that people are seeing it. It means so much that people stop by and check it out. If you're reading this, leave a comment to let me know where you're from and if you have a blog that I can check out! It's been cool to check out that stats of where people live, but I want to make more online connections. I really appreciate everyone that has clicked a link and ended up on my site!

Overall, today was a pretty good/productive day. I got further in Gone Girl, went shopping at a local international market, and worked on the Halloween costumes I'm sewing for the girls I baby sit. So far Gone Girl is great. Shopping for ingredients for my recipe project (22 recipes from 22 places for this years birthday list) was so fun. The market had so many things I had never seen before. And the Halloween costumes are starting to come together. 

Today was good. Tomorrow I have to report downtown for jury duty, so that should be interesting. Thanks again for checking out my site. Have a good night!

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