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I feel like a lot has happened since I wrote an update post. Both good and not so good. I'll start with the not so good, so we can end on a good note.

Unfortunately, we were having problems with our landlord and lease agreement, so we decided to break the lease and move out a few months early. This happened so quickly that we ended up moving back home for a little while. It was a challenge week or two, because we had to be out by the end of the month, so we had very little time to pack and organize our stuff before moving. It's been an adjustment, but we feel much better to be out of a bad situation. We had a couple problems, but the biggest issue became our dog. We are so glad to have him in a better environment and can see that he is much happier too. But, a bonus to being back at home is saving money on rent. We are planning on using this savings to go on a big trip, so that's very exciting!

I'm still working at the Phoenix Public Library and loving my position! It's such a great environment to work in and it's great to have an impact on my community. I'm working as an Early Literary Outreach Special promoting early literacy to parents with children 0 to 5 years old. It's really great to help families. I've finished a lot of the training and I've starting to work on my outreach, which has been really great so far. It's a different position than I thought I would end up with, but I'm really liked it. I'm curious to see where this job will lead me as a career.

Now for some fun stuff. I've been taking this blogging e-course from A Beautiful Mess and it's amazing! I'm learning so much about the business of blogging and it's really helping me create the blog I've been wanting to write. If you have a blog, you should seriously sign up for this class! Anyone already taking it and loving it?

Lastly, I've had a cold (again) this week and I've been looking for some natural ways to get my immune system up. Of course, I turned to Pinterest and found this garlic soup recipe. If you've never made this 44-clove garlic soup, I highly recommend it! We made it for dinner last night and loved it. It's going to become a regular around here. It was super good and you should try it!

That's probably enough ramblings for one day! I want to thank you again for supporting my blog and stopping by to read this. Your support means so much to me, especially as I work through my re-branding. Feel free to leave a question or a message in the comments! xo. Laura

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