5 Ways to Work on Boosting Your Creativity

I’m sure you’ve already heard, but I’m using 2016 to work on personal growth and cultiviate my creativity. I’ve been stuck creatively and I’ve developed some lazy habits. As a goal this year, I’m really working on breaking this habits and growing my creativity and rate of production.

1. Books

I’ve been checking books out from the library like crazy. There are so many good ones! Some of my favorite for inspiration have been Big Magic and _.

2. E-Courses

I adore e-course. There is so many that I’ve purchases that I think are invaluable. A few of my favorites are Blog Life, DSRL, and Cultivate Your Creativity. Pretty much any course produced by the A Beautiful Mess team is going to be gold.

3. Podcasts

I haven’t listen to music in my car for about two years now. That’s when I first discovered podcasts and I haven’t been able to stop listening to them. The Lively Show and Elise Gets Crafty are my two favorites. The amount of inspiration and motivation from these ladies is incredible. I also loved Joy the Baker, but they haven’t made a new one in a while. The archive is definitely worth a listen though!

It’s not about creativity, but if you haven’t jumped on the Serial band wagon, do it!



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