January Favorites

January Favorites (via www.laurelandfern.com)
January has been a month filled with inspiration and creativity. Here are some of my favorite things this month:

1. Big Magic (have I mentioned this enough?)

2. 6 x 12 scrapbooking

3. A Color Story is changing the way I edit photos!

4. peppermint tea and cinnamon apple tea (Whole30 complaint!)

5. Landline by Rainbow Rowell

6. sitting in coffee and tea shops (like giant coffee in photo)

7. getting a boost of motivation from the Cultivating Your Creativity e-course by Rachel Denbow

8. listening to the The Lively Show every day in the car.

9. Since we started house hunting, I've been collecting ideas from these instagramers: @witanddelight_ , @schoolhouse , @elsielarson , @lucentlightshop , plus a couple hundred more.

10. January 31st, this cake is happening (bye bye Whole30!)

I'm finally on snapchat find me at @laura.hager!

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