Goals for February

Goals are fun. I love setting new goals and crossing them off my list. I'm finding that small monthly goals are easier for me to reach. They are seasonal and have shorter deadlines than yearly lists. Here are somethings I'd like to accomplish in February:

– buy a house (hopefully!)

– make a few of these hexagon potholders.

– try making French macarons again.

– eat donuts! (I finished Whole30!!)

– plan anniversary trip.

– visit a state park.

Anyone else having any fun goals for this month? -Laura

3 thoughts on “Goals for February

  1. I love your get to work book planner! So cute! Also loving these goals. I have been so insanely busy, (and neglecting all my goals as a result), but reading this post has me all excited again! Those hexagon potholders look awesome. Im going to have to sit down and write out monthly goals again- starting with getting caught up on scrapbooking!


  2. Definitely true!! I really want to complete the 52 week challenge, so I think thats one of my biggest goals. Also trying to set aside time for eating right, meditating more, and just appreciating the moment. Time is flying by so quickly and I dont want to miss anything!


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