New Blog Schedule (and Giveaway Winner!)

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. I wanted to stop by and tell you my new blog schedule. I wanted you to know what days you can check back for new content.

I'm going to be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I've been meaning to create a set schedule for some time, but I'm finally committing to it. I'll be adding more days in the future!

Also, thank you to everyone that participated in my giveaway. The winner has been contacted! I had so much fun hosting my first giveaway. I plan on hold more giveaways in the upcoming months!

I have a lot of fun content ideas coming up. I'm currently house hunting with my boyfriend (no luck yet), so I'll have a lot of home decor post once that happens. I'm also planning a baking basics series and tons of recipe posts. I'm looking forward to all the diy projects and other lifestyle posts.

But I wanted to give you a chance to let me know what you'd like to see here on the blog! My dream for this site is to create a community, so if you'd like me to write about something, let me know! Maybe I talked to you in person and you'd like to know more. Or if you've read something on my blog and have questions, just ask! You can leave a comment here or send me an email at lauraehager at Thanks! -Laura

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