March Currently

March Currently (
Since we are in the process of buying a house, I feel think I've been in my own little world. I'm either running around trying to get everything to the loan officer or consumed by inspiration for our future house. There are a lot of ups and downs in the home buying process, but we are getting closer to the end. Which means I'm getting more and more excited for renovation projects, diy projects, and cooking in my own kitchen. There are so many things inspiring me right now that I wanted to share them with you. Here's what I'm currently up to in March.

reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell for my March Book Club.

viewing makeup tutorials, especially baking and contouring.

using essential oils! I'm having fun finding new ways to use these.

thinking about what flowers, herbs, and vegetable I'm going to plant in my future garden!

planning empty house tours, before and after photos, and home inspiration posts.

working on tidying up to get ready of the move.

cultivating my creative through Rachel Denbow's eCourse.

waiting, not so patiently, to find out about our future house.

watching The People v. OJ Simpson on FX.

listening to The Lively Show and Serial. The Lively Show has been super inspiring for me lately.

trying to figure out how to start videos for the blog! Super excited about this!

lastly, walking or hiking several times a week. Read this post for some walking motivation!

What have you been up to so far in March? -Laura

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