Being Twenty Three

Being Twenty Three (
Before writing this years birthday post, I went back and read my post about being twenty two. And I've got to say, I feel almost the same about being twenty three. It's a weird time. Transitioning into adulthood feels a lot like transitioning into a teen. You're not quite as mature as the "older" kids, but you still technically fall into that age group.

While the two ages felt similar to me, twenty three has been a little easier for me than twenty two. Probably because I didn't have school and graduation to deal with. To be honest, twenty three has been a bit of a whirlwind. This time last year, Grant and I were just getting settled into the duplex we were renting. Since then, we moved into his dads house for several months, brought our own house, and moved in. Again we are getting settled into a house together. Writing that made it sound like not much happened, but it real life, it felt like so much work. And so much stress. While all the moving and different living situations has been hard, finally owning a house has made it all worth it. It feels great to be able to do whatever projects we want in our home. And to have our monthly payments going towards our own investment instead of someone else's investment (bye bye, rent!).

Twenty three has been an age where personal development has really become an interest of mine. Growing and figure out who I am as a person and as a creative has never been so important to me. It's been so fun to talk to friends, listen to podcasts, read books, and follow blogs about cultivating creativity and being authentic to who I am. I've never really thought about personal development in the past, but after this year, I know it will always be a part of my life. Creativity, motivation, inspiration, cultivation, and development have become things that I can't live without. I'm excited to have found this new passion and hope to continue cultivating and developing. I'm also excited to keep sharing what I've learned through this blog.

Twenty three felt really busy, stressful, rewarding, exciting, and memorable. It's hard to sum up a whole year in one post, but what I remember most about being twenty three is focusing on personal grow, working towards becoming a responsible adult, and figuring out what I value in life. It's been the first age where working towards my life goals and values had become a priority and I'm thankful for that. I'm also thankful for all the people and opportunities that have been a part of my life for the past year.

I've got two days left until my golden birthday and I'm going to savor my last moments of being twenty three. Grant and I are going to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see where twenty four will take me! xo. Laura

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