2016 Scrapbook: Week Five

Scrapbook 2016: Week Five (laurelandfern.com)
Hey Scrapbookers! I FINALLY got my scrapbooking supplies moved in and have been working on getting caught up on my weekly scrapbook! It feels so good to be back at it and trying new techniques. I always hoard pretty scrapbooking papers and my favorite alphas. But lately, I've been reminding myself that I bought them to use them, so just open that pretty pack of thickers alphas and use them! It's been a good reminder and I've created some pages I really love.
Scrapbook 2016: Week Five (laurelandfern.com)
Week 5 is a pretty simple layout. I ended up not taking many photos that week, so I had to fill in empty spots will journaling. I really loved the weekends 4×6 card for an old Messy Box and it worked well since I had four major things that I did that weekend. I started with that and found colors that coordinated with it. I knew that black and white would be easy for the left side, since the photos were either black and white or had a lot of neutral in the picture. The black and white painted card is from Life Love Paper.
Scrapbook 2016: Week Five (laurelandfern.com)
Part of what I love about scrapbooking is that you get to practice the art of problem solving. When something doesn't work out the way you thought it would, you have to adjust and come up with a new idea. My problem that I solved was small, but I still solved it! I was using black, glittery letters to spell out downtown for the photo when I went to downtown Phoenix for a meeting. My plan was to use the letter across the top of the photo, but the didn't fit. (I knew they didn't fit, because I put them on a rule to make sure they would be level.) So I just turned the rule and put them sideways. It wasn't want I was going for and I ended up liking it better. The sparkle of the letter is subtle, but they still add a nice pop to the page.
Scrapbook 2016: Week Five (laurelandfern.com)
A technique I'm currently loving is using big alphas to quickly journal a thought or title for a photo. There isn't much that needs to be said about the funny picture of Astro, so I just added HA! to the photo to remember how funny his after-nap smile was. Again, I used my parent's old type writer to add the journaling for the week. I'm happy to be getting caught up on my scrapbook! How's your 2016 scrapbook (or other scrapbook) going?! xo Laura


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    Love this. I want to get into scrapbooking -Hanna LeiLatest Post: Modern Floral Dress Outfit Inspiration

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