2016 Scrapbook: Week Seven

I'm getting caught up on my album (only a little more to have to 100% caught up!), but I realized I'm way behind on sharing it with you here on my blog. So here is week 7!

This week was a bit of a challenge. I started off with the photos are everything looked great. Then I made the date card and a couple embellishments and it still looked great. I added a little more and realized I didn't like the previous things that I added anymore. I kept doing that until I was mostly happy with the layout. It's hard when it starts off as your "favorite one so far" and then slowly turns into just okay. I think my problem with it was not creating right after the week. I spent too much time look at it and changing details. With that said, I still really like the layout for this week. It was one of my favorite weeks in real life, so it was fun to document.

Just by the photos that I printed, I knew that pink and yellow would be good colors to focus on. All the photos had at least one of those two colors in them, so it was easy to use that as a starting point. I added a yellow sticky note for the date and a yellow "yummy" badge on the food photo. I added a pink heart to the Valentine's Day picture and gold alphas to the cookie making photo. Those few elements of yellow and pink, made the whole layout flow. The "MAGIC" card was actually the last element I added and it really tied all of those colors together.
A technique I really liked in this layout was added two different sized alphabet stickers to my hiking photo. Originally, I just had "dreamy" on the card, but then thought the small letters could add more interest. I really like how it came together. If you're wondering, Dreamy Draw is the name of the park I was hiking at.
Another caption I had fun with was the rub on letters from the "we found our house" photo. I've never used rub on letters before, but it was fun! It was hard to get them level, but I still like how it turned out. The letters on the photo will stick to the letters still in the pack, so be sure to use another piece of paper between them. This will help so you don't have a hot mess of letters stuck on your photo. I learned the hard way. If you also learn the hard way, a little piece of tape can help you get them off.

Seeing my album for the year grow has been so fun. It makes me happy to think about what it will be like to flip through it in the future! How's your scrapbooking project going? xo. Laura

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