Daytrip to Flagstaff

Daytrip to Flagstaff (
Last Sunday, I went with my mom and sister up to Flagstaff for the day. We had been wanting to do something different and get out of the heat, so we decided to drive up north for the day. We went for a walk at a park called Buffalo Park. It was so fun! The trail we took was a really easy 2 mile walk, not a hike at all. But we still got to enjoy really great views. Around the 2 mile loop, there were several exercise station where you could stop go a little workout and move to the next one. It was such a great idea! I wasn't dressed to do a lot of them, but we still had a good time climbing walls and attempting chin ups!
Daytrip to Flagstaff (
Daytrip to Flagstaff (
Daytrip to Flagstaff (
After our hike/walk, we went to have lunch. We got seated by a window, which was funny because we could watch everyone stop to catch Pokemon. I'll admit that I got some good ones up in Flagstaff! After lunch, we walked around some of the shops downtown. It was starting to rain and look very stormy, so we stopped at my favorite tea shop to get a tea for the drive home. I ordered an Earl Grey latte with lavender. It was so good! It was the perfect rainy weather drink. 
Daytrip to Flagstaff (
Daytrip to Flagstaff (
We picked up a fun hiking book and are already planning our next trip up! If you live in the area and haven't been to Buffalo Park, go check it out! It's such a great place to walk and chat and workout with family or friends!
Daytrip to Flagstaff (
Where is your favorite spot to take a day trip? -Laura

One thought on “Daytrip to Flagstaff

  1. FLAGSTAFF. We probably passed each other;)My favorite place to daytrip is probably jerome. LOVE it there. Love old town Flagstaff too. Basement Marketplace is my favorite shop in the world.


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