My New Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja Coffee Bar (
For a gift a few years ago, I received a Ninja Blender and instantly loved it! It works so great and is easy to clean. When Ninja released their Ninja Coffee Bar, I knew I wanted to try it. I didn't have a coffee maker yet and wanted an easy way to save money by making my coffee drinks at home. I reached out to Ninja about reviewing their Ninja Coffee Bar and I'm so thankful they agreed!

I've been using my Ninja Coffee Bar almost daily since receiving it and I'm really happy with it. I wanted to show you some of my favorite features!

Ninja Coffee Bar (
I'm a beginner to brewing coffee at home and if you are too, I think you'll love the Ninja Coffee Bar. Since I've never had a coffee maker, I wanted something that was easy to use. I don't want to fuss with a machine while I'm leaving for work or struggle to make the perfect cup. I love how easy it is to make a pot of coffee or iced coffee.
Ninja Coffee Bar (
To make hot or iced coffee, all you have to do is add water to the reservoir and coffee to the reusable filter (love that for sustainability!), select the size you want to brew and press the appropriate button. If you want hot coffee, just brew into your cup or the carafe. For iced coffee, fill your cup all the way with ice and use the over ice brew button. So easy!
Ninja Coffee Bar (
Ninja Coffee Bar (
The next feature I love is the cup sized select option. Put of what has held me back from buying a coffee maker is that I don't want to brew a whole pot for just myself. The Ninja Coffee Bar allows you to pick between a cup, travel, half-carafe, and full carafe sized coffee brew. I love that! You can also use the single serving to make a specialty brew (concentrated coffee) to make your favorite hot or iced latte.
Ninja Coffee Bar (
Ninja Coffee Bar (
Another thing that I was so excited about from the Ninja Coffee Bar is the milk frother. I love chai lattes! It's my all time favorite drink, especially in fall and winter. The milk frother makes it so easy to make frothy, creamy milk in under two minutes. You just pour milk to the fill in of the milk frother and microwave it for a minute and then pump the milk a few times with the lid (don't microwave this part of the milk frother!). To make a tea latte, steep your favorite tea in 4 oz. of water for several minutes (around 10-15 or until you're happy with the strength) and then add 4 oz. of the frothy milk. I let mine steep for a couple more minutes and then enjoy!
Ninja Coffee Bar (
There are so many recipes you can make with the Ninja Coffee Bar! It comes with a recipe book filled with a ton of ideas! If you are new to making coffee drinks at home, I highly recommend the Ninja Coffee Bar. It makes it so easy to try many different brews and recipes without spending a fortune on equipment. You can check out the Ninja website here and their YouTube channel for recipes here. Leave me a comment of a coffee recipe you'd love to see here on my blog! I have some fun ideas, but I'd love to hear what your favorite drinks are! Especially fall favorites! Enjoy! -Laura

Thank you, Ninja, for the wonderful Ninja Coffee Bar. While I did receive this product as a sponsorship, my review and opinions are my own.

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