2016 Scrapbook: Week Thirteen

Week 13 is easily one of my favorite weeks! It was one of my favorite weeks in real life, because it was the week that we got the keys to our first house! It was such an exciting time. We were so busy with the renovations that we didn't really do anything else, so all my pictures were of our house. I just made that the focus for this spread.
I decided to keep it really simple by using big photos. On the left, I used a Design A pocket page and on the right, I used a Design E pocket page. Since I only had two photos I wanted to use, the Design E pocket page allowed me to use Instagram style photos. It was fun to try something new and combined the two styles. Instead of cutting down the Design E pocket page, I just folded it over and added pictures to the inside. It stays folded over so well that you don't even need to clip it!
When there is a week or event that is special (or I don't have a lot of photos), I like to print one photo to fill out the whole layout. I think it looks cool and gives me space for journaling. On this one, I wanted the door to stand out, so I just added a few details. I used Thicker's letters to spell out 'our house' and letters from an old A Beautiful Mess kit to add my new address (blurred for the photos). Like every week, I added the dates for the week.
On the top photo, I just used alpha letters to document the day. On the bottom photo, I stamped the date and stapled on some vellum with journaling. I used phrase stickers from an old A Beautiful Mess kit. Phrase stickers are so much fun!

What do you think about using different style pocket pages? Do you keep it the same or switch it up? xo. Laura

2 thoughts on “2016 Scrapbook: Week Thirteen

  1. This is fabulous and I love the large photo cut up into the Design H! I am also loving the mix of page protectors! I want to do more in my album… it surprises the eye when you flip through 🙂


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