2016 Scrapbook: Week Fourteen

Recently, I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it was life changing. If you haven't read it yet, GO READ IT! In the book, she talks about how being done is better than being perfect. That statement resonated so much with me. I spend forever on projects, which never end up getting finished, because they aren't "perfect" or "ready." I repeat the statement as sort of a mantra when working on projects now and I've completed more this year than I ever have! I'm telling you this, because some weeks of scrapbooking are not my favorite. I could spend forever reprinting photos and changing details. But done is better than perfect! This week is one of those weeks. I'm not sure what about it I don't like, but it's done. It makes me so happy to just call it done and flip through all the finished pages in my album.
There are something I really like about this layout. It was a little different, since I used a Design E pocket pages on the previous week, so I have two different pocket page styles. These few weeks of home renovations were crazy and messy. I kind of love that the layout this week captures that busy time!
This side of the album was easy, because I could only fit two photos. I printed eight 6 x 6 photos in two 12 x 12 pictures at Costco to get this size. The one of the tree is really the only photo with color in this layout, so I wanted to continue adding color in the details. I found a lime green banner in my supplies, so I stamped the date and stapled it with the tiny attacher.
This side of the album is a Design A pocket page, cut down to fit the 6 x 12 album. I tried experiencing with a Snapchat photo, because I forgot to take a regular photo of the first night in our new home. It's not my favorite photo, but I wanted to make sure that time was documented. I found a cute bright green card from an old Messy Box kit and used the type writer to type on it. It didn't turn out well, so I typed on paper and sewed it on top of the original card.

The bottom photo with all the text is my favorite detail of the page. Sometimes, I get nervous about using that many letters for one photo, but I love how it looks!

Have you read Big Magic? What message stuck with you the most? xo. Laura

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