How to Make Letters Straight and Level

Getting alphabet letters on straight and level can be a challenge. Before this tip, I would put all my letters on and then realize I slowly went more and more crooked across the page. Or I'll realize that the letters slowly got further and further apart. Or I'd just have the last letter left to put on when I'd realize what I wanted to spell out won't fit. I think making scrapbooking as easy as possible is the best way to keep up the habit and when annoying little problems like this happen it can detract from the fun. If you're having problems with getting alphas and embellishments straight on your projects, check out my tips in the video for helping getting things looking perfect!

I'd love to know what other problems frustrate you while scrapbooking or what issues are holding you back from getting started! If you have any questions or future video ideas, let me know in the comments here or on the YouTube video! Thanks! -Laura

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