Elle’s Studio 2017 Design Team

Elles StudioI'm so excited to finally announce that I'm on the 2017 Design Team for Elle's Studio! Elle's Studio products are so fun! The acrylic pieces are my favorite. I'm on the team with a bunch of other talented, creative ladies. Everyone's blogs are linked below. I recommend checking out their blogs if you're looking for an extra dose of inspiration!


Alissa Fast: http://alissafast.typepad.com/

Allie Stewart: http://www.magicalmesses.com/

Andrea Gray: https://retrohipmama.wordpress.com/

Candace Perkins: https://findingeverydayperfection.com/

Daniela Dobson: http://danieladobson.blogspot.com/

Jamie Leija: http://www.jamieleija.com/

Jennifer Chapin: http://jenchapin.blogspot.com/

Jen Schow: http://www.craftyjenschow.com/

Jill Sprott: http://wordplaywordwork.blogspot.com/

Kay Rogers: http://rogerskk.typepad.com/

Laura Hager: https://laurelandfern.com/

Maggie Massey: http://www.midwesterngirldiy.com/

Meghann Andrew: http://www.meghannandrew.com/

Melissa Mann: http://melissamann.typepad.com/

Michelle Wedertz: http://michellewedertz.blogspot.com

Nancy Damiano: http://thepaperorchard.blogspot.com/

Neela Nalam: http://memorablescraps.blogspot.com/

Tessa Buys: http://precociouspaper.blogspot.com/

I'm so excited to be a part of the team this year and to work on my memory keeping even more. You can find more about Elle's Studio and get inspiration here! xo. Laura

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