Sustainable Style: A Switch to Eco-Friendly Stores

What I love about this new series is sharing incredible shops that are doing what they can to make a difference in the world. One of the first questions I get when I talk about only buying sustainable fashion is where do I buy clothes from. The hardest part about switching over to sustainably made clothing is knowing where to shop. Today, I’m featuring one of my favorite new places to buy sustainable fashion, Bead and Reel. Bead and Reel is an online boutique that features items that are produced with a number of sustainable characteristics like, made to order, vegan, recycled, fair trade, plant based, and more!

The easiest way to start wearing more sustainable clothing is to switch where you are buying clothes. Something I heard all the time in college was “vote with your dollar.” So, if you are wanting to change your habits and start buying sustainable clothing, the first place to start is to support better stores.

This is definitely tricky. There are very few places that I can now shop locally. Buying sustainably made clothes is not always easy, but it’s such a great way to make a huge step towards sustainability. It’s not only better for the planet, but it’s better for the employees that are producing the clothes. I have had the most success with finding sustainable clothes at second-hand shops and great online boutiques, like Bead and Reel.

Laura’s wearing: Dress/Bead and Reel, Shoes/Plato’s Closet

If you have more questions about sustainable shops, please leave them in the comments. I’d love to hear what you think and maybe follow-up with a video about sustainable clothing shops! Also, I want to encourage you to check out Bead and Reel’s website. They have TONS of information about what defines sustainable clothing and offers a wide variety of beautiful and ethical products. xo. Laura

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