Halloween Card Using Paper Bag Envelope Die from Spellbinders

Hi crafters! The other day, I showed you how I used the bow tie die cuts from Spellbinders to make a cute fall card. Today, I’m going to be showing you how I made another card using the same Platinum 6 Die Cutting machine from Spellbinders and Scrapbook.com. This time, I’m going to be using the paper bag envelope dies to make a fun Halloween themed card.

I explained how to use the machine in my fall card post, so you can click here to read more about how the machine works.

I used when to Tuesday Morning (side note: Has anyone else been there? I went the first time about a year ago and they have a ton of craft supplies! All with really great prices! If you haven’t been check it out.) and they had a ton of 12×12 paper stacks, so I picked up a few. One of them had the cutest Halloween paper, so I decided to use it to make a Halloween card. It’s been forever since I’ve made card, especially holiday ones, but it’s so fun! I’m excited to be jumping back into this craft.

I started by picked a paper as my card base and decide to go with the spider web. Then, I found a cute, stripe pattern that paired well with the spider web. I cut and folder the spider web paper and cut a piece of the striped paper to use with my paper bag envelope dies.

I knew with this paper that I had to line the stripes up level with the die or it would look crooked when I was done. I used the lines on the paper to line up the die and rolled it though the machine! This die cut set comes with the pieces the front piece (shown in the photo above), one back piece, and a card insert piece. To make this paper bag envelope you need to make two cut outs of the back die. If you are using patterned paper like me (not solid or a real paper bag) you have to make one cut with the patterned side up and one cut with the pattern side down. That way you end up with two mirrored die cuts.

After I had my three bag die cuts, it was time to put them together. It was really easy to put together. I folded the flaps on the two back pieces and used roller adhesive to adhere them to the backside of the front piece. Then, I adhered the two back pieces together to close the back. Lastly, I folded up the bottom of the front piece and adhered that to the back.

When it’s done, it looks like a cute, little paper bag! I assumed that the back wouldn’t line up quite right, but I got so lucky! Some how the striped on the two back pieces lined up with each other and those two pieces lined up perfectly with the front. I’m really not sure how that happened, but I love it!

After that, I found a piece of orange paper and used the insert die cut to make a card for my envelope. Again, I knew the dots would look crooked if it wasn’t straight, so I lined my die up on the dots in the pattern to make it look straight on the finished card.

Then, it was time to start putting it all together. I found some bright pea green embroidery floss in my sewing stuff and decided to incorporate that color. I wrapped a piece around the paper bag and adhered that to the front of the card. I just used the roller adhesive for that too.

I used a hole punch to add a hold to the top of the card and tied some of the green embroidery floss to that as well.

That I added embellishments (sequins forever!) to the front of the card and some alpha stickers and a stamp to the front of the insert. I loved the look of ‘happy fall’ on this card, so I decided to use the same stamp set and spell out ‘happy halloween.’ I used glue to adhere that to the front of the paper bag.

Again, I’m not sure how I got the striped to line up like that, but I’m so happy they did! Don’t you love when projects work out like that?! It turned out so cute and took less than an hour to make. I love that I can use the same layout and make these with all different themes! Die cutting machines are so fun, because it gives you endless possibilities on projects to make.

I loved how this card turned out and it was so fun to dive into a craft I haven’t done in over 10 years. I’m excited to keep playing with my Spellbinders machine and try out even more die cuts! I want to know what you think of the die cutting machines! Have you tried this machine? What do you love making with the die cuts? Let me know in the comments!

Click here to find the machine and click here to find the die cuts. xo. Laura

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