Sleep Blend Pillow Spray with Essential Oils

I love essential oils! I’ve been using them regularly for about a year now, but I’m just been doing the basic. In this new year, I want to experiment and try new ways of using them. I’m going to trying new DIY projects and oils I’ve never used. I’m excited to show you my favorites here.

Today, I’ve partnered with Got Oils Supplies to show you a new night time pillow spray to help promote sleep.

I’m so excited about this recipe, because it’s so good! This sleep pillow spray includes lavender and vetiver. Lavender is one of my all-time favorite oils. It so useful and calming. The vetiver oil was knew to me. I enjoy experimenting with oils I haven’t tried before. Both oils are calming and ground when feeling stressed or panicked. They both also help promote restful sleep.

Sleep Blend Pillow Spray:
2 oz. distilled water
2 oz. witch hazel
30 drops vetiver essential oil
50 drops lavender essential oil
4 oz. spray bottle

Add the distilled water and witch hazel to the spray bottle. Then add the drops of vetiver and lavender. This amount of drops provides a nice full scent without being too overwhelming. If you want the scent to be a little weaker or stronger, feel free to adjust the amount of drops.

Witch hazel is acts as an emulsifier to help the oil blend in with the water, since water and oil don’t mix. The witch hazel isn’t perfect, but it helps. It definitely needs to be shaken before each use, but that doesn’t bother me.

This spray bottle from Got Oils Supply is so perfect for this recipe. It’s a great size for my night stand and the spray works so well. It has a very fine mist, without big droplets.

To use, you just have to spray a little on your pillow before bed. It’s such a lovely, earthy, floral smell. It’s so relaxing. I love this combination so much, I might experiment with natural perfumes next!

To finish this DIY, I added some alphabet stickers with the recipe name. Sleep isn’t very creative, but I wanted to keep my bottles organized.

If you are interested in trying this spray (or any other essential oil DIY), Got Oils Supplies is offering 10% off your first order. Click here to shop and save 10%. Have you tried essential oils? What about lavender or vetiver? What are your favorite restful oils? xo. Laura

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