Sustainable Style: Warm Winter

This year, it’s been a really warm fall/winter. Thanksgiving tied the all-time high record at 87 degrees. During the hot summer months, I couldn’t wait for the boots and sweater weather. But it’s been a little too warm for that. It’s finally cooling down now and the evenings are a little chilly, but I still find it too warm during the days to bundle up too much. Especially in the sun or sitting in the car. This year, I’m finding that I’m just wearing my usually outfits and adding a jacket in the evenings. It’s a bummer that it’s too warm for most of my sweaters, but I’m happy I still get to wear most of my cute summer clothes! Like this Maya Top from Mata Traders!

Mata Traders is a lovely, sustainable company. Their mission is to “fashion a better world.” They are using techniques that preserve art forms, empower women, combat child labor, and impacts global poverty. You can read more about what makes Mata Traders special here.

An easy way to make a big impact on the environment is switch to only wearing natural fibers, like cotton or cruelty-free wool. Looking at your tags is a great place to start when beginning to look into sustainable fashion. This Maya Top from Mata Traders is 100% cotton made in fair trade women’s cooperative in India.

Laura’s wearing: Shirt/Mata Traders, Jeans/Eileen Fisher, Shoes/Sseko Designs, Purse/Plato’s Closet.

These Organic Cotton Stretch Straight jeans are from Eileen Fisher and they are 84% Organic Cotton/14% Polyester/2% Spandex. It can be hard to find 100% cotton jeans that are still soft and moveable, but making sure pants are mostly cotton or organic cotton like these is a great place to start. I love these jeans because they are so soft and comfortable, but they are also made out of organic cotton. Eileen Fishers website says, “Grown without the synthetic herbicides and pesticides that make conventional cotton one of the most toxic crops. By 2020 all our cotton will be organic.” Which I think is so cool! In addition to that, the wash on this denim is called Utility Blue and it uses 62% less water.

There are so many different ways to help make our fashion market more sustainable and I love companies like Mata Traders and Eileen Fisher that are helping to make the system better.

I also want to share information about the shoe company that made the shoes from this outfit. It’s called Sseko Designs and they are doing awesome things to help “provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women in Uganda who are working to pursue their dreams and overcome poverty.” These sandals are so comfortable and cute. And I feel great wearing them knowing that the sales and experience is helping women find careers and scholarships to college. These sandals are the Caramel Crossover Slide Sandals. They are such a perfect color for matching almost any outfit.

Sustainable fashion in the current market is hard. Like really hard. It’s nearly impossible for me to shop at the stores or malls any more. In the past year, the only place I’ve been able to go shopping at is used clothing stores or thrift shops. If you are struggling with finding sustainable clothes, don’t give up! There are so many companies like Seek Designs, Mata Traders, and Eileen Fisher that are working to make a difference. If we keep supporting brands like these, these products will end up in regular stores and malls soon. Don’t give up with sustainable fashion or making choice that are better for the people and the planet.

Let me know which items you love from Mata Traders, Eileen Fisher, or Sseko Designs in the comments! Also let me know what sustainable fashion questions you have. I’m going to be diving deeper into this topic in 2018 and I want to get your questions answered!

Thank you for all your support with my sustainable fashion journey! xo. Laura

These lovely photos where taken by Lunabear Studios!

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  1. December 20, 2017 / 5:09 am

    You look fabulous in blue denim, I love you sandal, thanks for sharing!

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