DIY Natural Laundry Sprays with Essential Oils

Hi! I’m back for the fourth week of working with Got Oils Supplies to show you three different types of sprays made with essential oils. This week, the theme is laundry. I made a stain remover, linen/upholstery refresh spray, and a dryer wool ball spray. These are super easy to make at home and you probably have all the ingredients already. To make these, I used Got Oil Supplies 4 oz. amber glass bottles. Keeping essential oils and hydrogen peroxide in dark bottles helps protect them from damaging sunlight. These glass bottles are perfect for storing your laundry sprays.

Dryer Wool Ball Spray:
4 oz. vinegar
30 drops of lavender essential oil

This spray is so easy to make. When you stop using chemical fabric softener or dryer sheets, you’ll probably notice a big increase in the static in your clothes. Phoenix is really dry, which causes even more static. Vinegar helps reduce the static in the laundry. The vinegar smell will be totally gone by the time your dryer is done. The wool balls also help reduce the amount of static. I used lavender oil, because it’s one of my favorite. You can add your favorite oils to this recipe. 30 drops adds a good amount of scent to the laundry, but feel free to customize this as well. Just for an extra sustainable tip, use wool balls that are made with cruelty-free wool. Some companies are cruel to the sheep that they are using for wool, so it’s important to find wool produced with care of the sheep in mind.

Fabric/Linen/Upholstery Refresh Spray:
1 oz. witch hazel
3 oz. water
15 drops of lime essential oil
15 drops of grapefruit essential oil

I made my spray a nice, fresh citrus scent by combining lime and grapefruit. I used lime for the first time this month and it’s easily one of my new favorite oils. This spray is perfect for adding a fresh scent to stale linens in the closet or a well loved cloth couch. The oils are diluted, so they shouldn’t stain, but if you are worried about staining, you could use a clear oil, like lavender or peppermint.

Stain Remover:
1 oz. dish soap
3 oz. hydrogen peroxide
15 drops of lemon essential oil

For this recipe, I used Dawn Dish Soap, but it’s a product I’m working on weeding out of our household. It’s great for stain fighting, but not so natural. I’m going to be doing a follow up post about the best dish soaps to use, but for this recipe I used what I have. Progress over perfection! The dish soap and hydrogen peroxide is so great for fighting set in laundry stains. If you want to avoid dish soap, hydrogen peroxide is great for fighting stains. I added lemon essential oil as an extra stain fighting power! Natural laundry detergent is great, but sometime you need a little extra stain fighting power and this spray has that! Just spray on the clothing and gently rub the stain out and throw into the laundry.

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Do you have any favorite natural laundry products or DIY recipes? I’d love to hear your favorites! xo. Laura


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