Body Love Art Journal Cover

My dear friend, Laura, created an awesome course called Body Love Art Journaling. I’ve never made an art journal before, so I’m excited to take the course. I wanted to make sure that this album looked different than my regular scrapbooks, because I really want to try art journaling techniques. I remember seeing this chipboard cover from Elise Cripe and I wanted to get messy with paint.

To make the cover, I just added some alphabet stickers. Since I was planning on pulling them off, I didn’t care about the color. Since I decided to leave them, I wish I used a white sticker. But you can’t really tell, so it doesn’t matter. Then I used pink and white paint to cover the chipboard and the letters. I wanted the white to be streaked through the pink, so I dripped white and the carefully ran my brush over the paint. I was careful to not mix the white into too much, so you could still see it.

When it was still wet, I added some glitter. I found some glitter at my parents house that I’ve had since I was a kid. It was fun to put it to good use on this cover. When it was dry, I added some gloss varnish to protect the paint and the glitter. To help it dry, I used a heat tool to speed up the drying time.

I tried to be careful and not get paint on the back of the chipboard, but I did get a little on the inside cover. To fix it, I found some pretty paper that matched the colors on the front. I just used some roller adhesive to attach it to the chipboard. It’s such a pretty piece of paper and a nice surprise when the cover is open.

This was the first time that I’ve worked with paint in a while and it was fun to get messy with the paint. It was always a great project, because I didn’t need to buy anything. I’ve been trying to use up supplies I’ve had for a while, so it was nice to use what I already had.

Have you made an art journal before? This is my first one and I’m excited to get started! xo. Laura

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