Knitted Cotton Square

Today is Grant’s birthday, so I wanted to make a simple project that wouldn’t take away too much time from his birthday celebration. We went to a movie and wanted to relax at home for a bit before going to dinner, so decided to knit a square. I’ve been waiting to use this beautiful cotton yarn and thought a small cotton square would be the perfect project for the day.

I bought this yarn a while ago and have wanting to make something with it. I wasn’t sure what, so I decided to just start by practicing knitting and making a square. While I was knitting, I was thinking maybe I would knit a bunch of black and white square to make a checked blanket. But as I kept thinking about projects, I thought it might be fun to naturally dye 4 more skeins of yarn in different colors and knit those into a blanket.

I used a size 6 knitting needle to make my square. This gave me a really tight knit, which I love. The only thing I know how to do with knitting is to do knit stitches, so that’s all I did for this square. I wasn’t paying attention when I was casting on stitches, but when I went back and counted, I had 16. I just kept knitting until I had made a exact square.

It’s definitely not perfect, but I love how it turned out. I’m excited to see what this small project turns into. If nothing else, it sparked several new project ideas and got my thinking about new things. One of the most exciting things about The 100 Day Project is how it leads to creative growth. I definitely experienced that with this project.

Do you love knitting? I’d love to hear your favorite products and tips to get better! I think I want to make a pair of socks next and I’d love any recommendation for patterns. Let me know in the comments! xo. Laura


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