One Little Word 2018: February

The February prompt from the Ali Edwards One Little Word course was to make a college using magazine clippings. For some reason, I kept resisting this challenge. Every time I sat down to work on it, I would set it aside again to finish later. The idea of making this collage, for some strange reason was stressing me out. So I decided to alter the original idea a little and I made a simple collage.

To match the flow of the January page, I wanted to have a beginning page for February. I printed a matching “feb” card from the Ali Edwards class. Since my wedding was in January, I knew February would end up being the month that I really got started on my photo album revamp project. I used a striped card from an old Messy Box kit and a grid card to make the other two cards on this page.

The first big step in my photo album project is to go through my hard drive and delete all the duplicate photos. Sometimes photos would upload 4 or 5 times when I would plug my camera in to upload the new photos. I used stamps with black ink on card stock to add text to that first card.

On the back side of that page, I had some other pretty paper and another grid card that I also added text to. I love that they match and highlight the two big projects I’ve been working on a lot lately. Both the card with the hands and the pink grid card are old Messy Box products.

Like January, I’m using my “this month I will” card outside the pocket pages. On one side, I stamped my goal for the month. And on the back, I added a photo of that goal happening. The different size and the open paper makes it more interesting to flip through the album. And I think the photo on the back is a nice surprise.

For the collage, I still took the images from a magazine, but I didn’t add any other clippings or text. I added the images, very similarly, to how they were in the original article and added them to ombre patterned paper. It’s so simple, but I really love how it turned out. The images don’t really relate to my word, CHERISH, but they some how capture the vibe of what the word means to me. When I see these, I think of calm, peace, growth, thriving, relax, connection and nurture, which are all pieces of my goal for CHERISH.

I kept going with the February layout and ended up finishing the whole February section! It was fun to keep going and to check another project off the list! I’ve been keeping this whole album fairly simple and February was no different. I love how the colors are soft, but pop against each other. I love how it turned out and it was fun to work on this, finally, as part of my 100 Days of Making. How is your One Little Word album going? xo. Laura

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