Favorite Podcasts Vol. 1

I LOVE podcasts! Who doesn’t, right? I first got started with listening to podcasts in 2013 or 2014 when I was still going to college at ASU. I had a class that got out at 4:15pm and by the time I got to my car and got on the freeway, traffic was horrible. It usually took me an hour or more to get home, so I discovered Podcasts and the commute actually became enjoyable! I recommend podcast shows and episodes to my friends and family all the time, so I thought it would be fun to share them here! This is a list of all my favorites that I listen to regularly. When I started writing this blog post, I had them numbered 1-10. But, as I was looking at the list, I thought having Root of Evil followed by the Rise Together podcast just didn’t work, so I separated them into categories. Here are a few of the podcasts that I listen to regularly.

Educational / Business:

Elise Gets Crafty – I’ve been listening to Elise Gets Crafty since the very beginning of the show. I’ve always looked at Elise as a mentor for goal setting and all things creative. She has great interviews, but some of my favorite episode are when she shares her stories and advice. Many of her episodes are small business related, but there is also a lot about creativity as well!

Rise Podcast – Every time I listen to an episode of Rachel’s podcast, I’m immediately filled with motivation and inspiration to get to work on my big dreams. She has amazing interviews, recorded speeches, and episodes that are just her. Most of the episodes are so packed full with great advice or motivation, that I usually listen to them twice to make sure I didn’t miss a single thing.

Goal Digger – The content in each episode is so good! Jenna certainly knows her stuff and shares all of her advice. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons about social media and business from Jenna through this podcast. This is one is a great one to take notes while you listen!


Happier with Gretchen Rubin – I’ve learned so many tips and tricks from this podcast over the years that have helped make daily life better and happier. The episodes about the Four Tendencies have really helped shape how I live my life. I learned through the show that I’m a Questioner and it has helped my understand myself better and communicate with those in the other tendencies.

Awesome with Alison – I love listening to Alison and Eric! They are such a cute husband and wife team and they share some of the most inspirational content that I have found. Their topics range from marriage to business to personal development and it is all extremely helpful. I love this podcast so much that when they released tickets to their live shows, I bought two tickets for Phoenix immediately! So if you listen to the Live Podcast Tour Phoenix episode, picture me in the crowd!

Rise Together – This is another podcast by Rachel Hollis, but this one is about relationships, marriage more specifically, and it’s co-hosted by her husband. I love learning from other couples about what has worked for them and adapting it to work for Grant and I. We’ve listened to a few of these episodes together. It’s been fun to hear other perspectives and grow our own relationship.


Serial – I’m pretty sure everyone has listened to Serial by now, but in case you haven’t, I highly recommend it. The stories are so gripping and it’s written so well. I can’t wait for it to come back on for another season!

Lore – This is one of the first podcasts I got into. It’s all about folklore and where the stories came from. Each one is a bit dark and twisted, but they are so interesting!

Root of Evil – This podcast was so good, but also so hard to listened to. It’s about the Hodel family and their connection to the Black Dahlia murder. It’s fascinating and sad and powerful all at the same time. It’s so good and I definitely recommend it, but be aware that the stories of their family can be hard to listen to.

What Should I Read Next? – I wanted to end this list on a positive note, so I’m wrapping it up with this podcast! If you love books, you’ll love this show. Anne chats with her guests and asks them about their favorite books and recommends three books that they might want to read next. I’ve grown my TBR list so much from listening to this podcast! It’s just so fun. Plus, I get tons of book recommendations too!

I drive quite a bit, so listening to podcasts has been so great for making the drives better. I love listening to them as I work on cleaning or working in the garden too! I’d love it if you’d leave a comment with your favorite podcast shows or episodes, so I could check them out! I’m working on getting caught up with some of my shows and I’ll need some new ones to listen to when I’m finished! -Laura

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